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Dear customers,


It’s a pleasure for us to share with you our new website chasseur de On this, you will find our new politics to insure the best service which we can provide to customers.


The story of Chasseur de fuites began in 1995 with Jean François Gassin, current CEO of the company. He started as plumber and provided services to help people by finding their inside water leaks. Later, he decided to work on the external water leaks and he understood quickly the new need in the market. After much research in order to reduce the impact of the repair outside, he decided to launch a few years later, detection and repair of water leaks without spoiling the site


With this new method, the firm hasn’t stopped growing in the past ten years to become the company used by main insurance companies in all water network leaks, electricity problems, purification of water and other activities that you will discover on the website.


So have a look at the news


The spirit of this project is simple, we want to be closer of our customers when they need a company to solve their  problems. Now, you may wonder what you can do on the website ?


The improvements of the last decade in web selling services allows us to show you a new vision of our products. Today, we are proud to say that you are able to search, chat on line and order different kind of services : boilers, leak detection, purification services or installation of mixer taps for example…by credit card for a secure deal.


You need one of our services for your home or secondary residence? no problems. Select first, the section you want: Détection, Réparation, Prévention, Assainissement. You will find our services (available in English soon) and read the features about it. To order, let us guide you step by step until the payment. A meeting will be proposed to you within two hours after payment is confirmed.


The Contrôle de Réseau page features activities of our subsidiary  Cdf Réseaux. On that page, you will discover services to control your water network equipment : pipe video inspection, pressure test … We ‘ll can support you and propose a quote quickly.


The Chasseur de Watts page includes all electricity services that we provide everyday to our customers : replacement of electrical equipment, search electrical problems… We are still here to help you !!!

Our company has focused it’s knowledge during 20 years of services around customers needs…


Our team of technicians is deployed everyday in the departments : 83 – 06 – 13  – 84  to answer to the demand 7J/7.


The registered office based in Le MUY (83490) and Plan d’Orgon agency (13750) insure you  the best reception and allow us to arrive quickly in the departments quoted above.



If you want to follow us, we can inform you that we are now on Facebook. Thus, come to share with us and discover the latest news.


To conclude, we appreciate greatly our customers confidence during the last 20 years and we wish you a nice visit.


To be continued…


Détéction de fuites Draguignan


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